Make Money Selling Pet Products On-line

Pet Product Sales are a 40 Billion dollar a year industry!

More money is spent on pet sales than in the Toy and Baby Food Industries combined!

  • 75% of all Americans own a pet

  • 83% would be likely to risk their lives to save their pet

  • 87% take their pets to veterinarians for regular checkups, vaccinations and teeth cleanings

  • 82% buy premium pet food

  • 77% have their pets groomed

  • People spend more time reading nutritional labels on pet food (41%) than their own food (37%)

  • Four in ten cats (44%) receive a Christmas gift

We have been selling pet products on-line since 1995. The companies below are ones that we have found the most success with. They are easy to work with and the products they manufacture are high-quality and made in the USA. We believe their products are far superior to any you will find in local pet stores.


Life's Abundance

Life's Abundance is most fortunate to be owned and led by a very special couple, George and Cris Jochum. 

George and Cris both have a long and prolific background in both business and philanthropy. Their examples and mentorship are a blessing to all in the Life's Abundance family.

George was a household name on Wall Street in the 1980s and 1990s. He gathered much of his business experience as a corporate executive at Western Union for 32 years, serving as a Vice President and President, among other positions.

Flint River Ranch

Flint River RanchFlint River Ranch started in 1993 when Jim Flint put his name to something he believed in. Jim, a passionate pet owner who wanted the best for his companion, was dissatisfied with the foods available at the time for pets.


So he set out to make his own, and turned his entrepreneurial spirit and background in business into a successful venture that continues to excel. His vision was ahead of its time then, and the family-owned company he created with it is more relevant today than ever.

4Life Transfer Factor

My4Life Logo

4Life is a company with a solid past, present, and future. After more than a decade of success, 4Life shows no sign of slowing down. While many companies are downsizing and laying off, 4Life is breaking sales records and opening new countries and offices all over the world.


With 4Life, you’ll benefit from an experienced executive team. You’ll have decades of experience on your side. Our leaders know the direct selling industry—they’ve put years into developing products that are effective. They are committed to your continued success. 

Life's Abundance


Since 1999, our most rewarding achievement has been to transform people’s lives for the better by showing them how to build successful home businesses. And if you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own business, we would love to help you achieve that goal, too. The presentation above demonstrates how building a Life's Abundance business can enable you to create a source of recurring income.


Using our proven business model, many Life's Abundance field reps have been able to enjoy life on their own terms. Our generous compensation plan is designed to reward you, whether you’re working part-time or full-time. The amount you make depends on how much time and energy you decide to devote to your home business.


We invite you to review all of the information here on our web site. We truly believe that when you are making the important decision of which business is right for you, you need to learn as much as you can upfront. The short time you spend now could truly make a positive difference in the rest of your life.


We hope you’ll decide to join us in this exciting business venture, and we look forward to helping you make your dreams come true.

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Flint River Ranch

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  1. Print out and complete the Distributorship Agreement (Acrobat .PDF file) DOWNLOAD



  • As an independent contractor, you can work at home according to your own schedule
  • Shipping is handled by the company
  • Build your own website/shopping cart and drop-ship or use website provided by Flint River Ranch
  • Payment processing may also be handled by the company or your own shopping cart program
  • Carry inventory if you prefer and charge what your market will bear

Generation of Commission Income – 19% of the PV value
Person volume (PV) is a unit value assigned to each Flint River Ranch product. It is noted on the order form. A minimum of 100 PV’s is required to qualify for a monthly commission check. PV can be generated from your purchases and those of your customers. Once a customer is registered to a Distributor, the Distributor receives commission income on all future purchases by that customer under the terms of the Marketing Plan. PV is determined each calendar month and is not transferable to another month.

Example: A distributor purchases 20 lbs of Dog Food (20 PV units) and has 10 customers that also purchase 20 lbs of dog food in a calendar month. A total of 220 PV’s is generated. Therefore:

Distributor Purchase (1 x 20 PV x 19%) = $ 3.80
Customer Purchases (10 x 20 PV x 19%) = $38.00

Total Distributor Income.....................$41.80


4Life Transfer Factor

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Proven Products for Proven Success

Whether you’re looking to build a business or support your health, 4Life offers successful products that will have you (or your customers) coming back for more. 4Life Transfer Factor ® products are consumable, patented, and have a proven track record. They’re completely unique and provide consumers with a healthier lifestyle through enhanced immunity.


And, their products for pets are an excellent compliment to both Life's Abundance and Flint River Ranch Pet Foods!


With a unique immune system product and a rewarding direct sales model, 4Life is strategically positioned to continue in its rapid growth. 4Life’s scientific board (composed of physicians, biochemists, immunity experts, nutritionists, and more) provides a background of more than two hundred combined years of research experience, numerous scientific trials, and successful product development.