Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Transfer Factor

1.)  What are Transfer Factors?

      Naturally occurring immune active proteins called Lymphokines.

 2.)  How are these Transfer Factors made?

      They are made by white blood cells in response to pathogens and other environmental stimuli, deposited in     colostrum and egg yolks, harvested and highly filtered for purity. 

3.)  What do Transfer Factors do?

       Transfer information between white blood cells from experienced donors to naive recipients.

 4.)  Are Transfer Factors the same as antibodies?

      No, Transfer Factors are much smaller proteins and they are not species specific. The same Transfer Factors cause the same kind of activities in all animals species.

 5.)  What do these Transfer Factor products contain?

      1. Multiple fractions of Lymphokines that transfer information between white blood cells.

        2. Additional nutritional and immune support that greatly enhance the effectiveness of the Lymphokins and have many other benefits